In response to Clint's post about the paintball outing:
I had to close my eyes and look away from the camera because the sun was sooooooo bright!!! i guess my eyes are ultra-sensitive to sunlight after my lasik surgery....  i couldn't even look at clint when the sun was behind him because my eyes would automatically shut. 
that was the only time i've really noticed sensitivity to sunlight, though.. it doesn't bother me while driving, and it didn't bother me when we were actually playing - but we were mostly in the woods under the shade of the trees...
it was a good time.. the camoflage helped -- last time i went, i wore a bright blue shirt because i didn't know what it was like... i thought it was a group of people having fun by shooting paint at each other.. i didn't know it was a whole war setting and we'd have to sneak around and stuff....  this time, i knew better... 



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