VIDEO: CARTOONS: ANIME: Oruchuban Ebichu

Oh... My... God... I didn't think anime could be this twisted... And I've seen both a lot of anime, and a lot of twisted shows... But this one takes the take.... You see, my latest and greatest find had been the ADV dubs of Super Milk Chan (completely different from the shitty Cartoon Network version!).... But this... This is just outrageous.... Sex scenes and hampster violence.... Disturbing hampster violence... Followed by hampster cuteness and more sex.... Or a hampster in heat asking her owner if she can use her dildo... I could go on... The show is so absurdly unique and outrageous that, for the first time ever, I can honestly say I like a hamster anime (Note: Hamtaro sucks!). You can download the show using these torrents here using BitTorrent. (Everyone recommends Azureus for a bittorrent client.) If that link is dead, search for Oruchuban Ebichu torrents here.


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