CAPITALISM: The Wal-Mart You Didn't Know

The Wal-Mart You Didn't Know Good article. Very thought provoking. Shows the good and bad about Wal-Mart. I personally think, given this article, they are a bit evil. Not necessarily malevalent (which implies intent), but evil nonetheless. I do believe the needs of the many often outweigh the needs of the few (Thanks Spock), but is helping 1000 people get cheaper pickles worth a (loser) family losing its only income? What really scares me is how it seems to be a force that operates on its own. It's like a giant monster that consumes everything, even the soul of its own employees as they are forced to work harder to maintain an ever-increasing, leaner company that will never, ever be good enough (because there's always room to be even more efficient). Wal-Mart can't get no satisfaction. South Park really illustrated this "monsterism" well. You can get the episode here. It's a very funny episode and also illustrates how it is our own human nature that causes us to do things that aren't in our best interest. Thanks for the links Compn.


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