More Police Bullshit

http://www.cnn.com/2005/US/01/07/force.allegation.ap/index.html Leon Nins said officer Michael Lee also beat him after he took too long to stop his car. Police deny that and say Nins attacked Lee. Nins, a World War II veteran who stands about 5-feet-7 and weighs 145 pounds, said to him, "I'd have seen you, I would have stopped....he started beating me on the leg and on the side of the arm. He pushed me down on the floor, and he was slamming the door on my legs." This 85 year old was jailed for 2 days. The cop used pepper spray on him "to subdue Nins, but only after Nins refused to produce identification and began flailing at the officer." WHAT A FUCKING PUSSY. Are we to believe a police offer needs a weapon to subdue an 85 year old [black] man? Is this anything any officer should be proud of? Can he even call himself a man? Speaking as someone who's had an officer point a gun at me when he really shouldn't, who's had officers lie in court against my friends, who's seen officers brutalize an intoxicated 16-year-old minor, this is just one more bullshit event by bullshit police, who have the right to walk all over citizens without any fucking recourse whatsoever. This is just another story to throw on the pile of other stories about police shootings and abuse -- where they always get away with it. Police are expendable. They are trained thugs issued weapons and training. Their duty is to use force, much like a soldier of the Army. We are more than willing to send thousands of soliders to their death, yet when an officer's life is threatened, he can shoot people in the back, pepper spray an 85-year-old, and totally get away with it. It fucking reeks, people, and you should be mad as hell. Violently mad. Recall the police officer investingating a New York marijuana case. He searched a woman's apartment. She was pregnant and asleep. He prodded her in the back with his gun, accidentally firing and killing her. HE FUCKING GOT AWAY WITH IT. Why? She had sandwich baggies in her kitchen. Seriously. Fucking weak.
"The only reason you are alive is because someone else chose to let you." -KMFDM Be scared. Be very scared.


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