Do Liberals Really Hate State Rights?

I read an article called "The New Blue Federalists".
It implied liberals do not like state rights, and that they should. (Yes, everybody should.) Is this really true?
Are there really liberals against state rights out there?!? My friend Evan Goldstein says:
It started during the depression/new deal when the courts started interpreting the commerce clause so expansively that today it has no meaning (the commerce clause gives the fed govt the right to regulate commerce between the states - it is the clause by which 99% of fed power flows from today - because today, all the govt has to do is claim their policy is related to interstate commerce - no matter how hypothetical, tangential, or epherial the relationship really is. ) Then, the death knell for federalism came when the south asserted states rights as a means to continue to enforce segregation/jim crow. Thanks to the red states, the govt had to become the goliath it is today in order to preserve basic human rights throughout the nation. Fuck the south - they ruined it for everyone.


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