Is there even a reason we vote anymore?

Here's another post I read on http://www.Slashdot.org, which summarizes how I feel quite well (but note that i do vote, usually Libertarian):

Is there even a reason we vote anymore.

In a word, no.

Democracy was a great experiment but now it's dead.

The vast majority of the pupulation of the US now lives in a house district where the candidate from one party wins overwhelmingly. The party made sure the district got drawn that way.

The vast majority of Americans now live in a state which always votes for the candidate of one party for president.

The vast majority of Americans live in a state who always votes for the senator from one party.

In America anyway (the supposed birthplace of democracy) vast majority of votes don't really matter.

Finally the politicians have perfected the art of manipulating the masses. They know what buttons to push to get you to vote for them.

For example when the next election cycle comes up the people will completely ignore this case and will instead vote purely on guns, abortion, homosexual marriage, or some other wedge issue. The fact that they are getting fleeced never occurs to them when somebody claims that joe shmoe will take away their guns or end (or begin) abortion.


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