A.I. was a good movie. Fuck you all.

This is a random posting of mine on slashdot, defending the ending of the movie A.I. after seeing people talk about "that stupid alien shit at the end, the movie should have ended sooner". ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It was plainly fucking obvious that those "aliens" were not aliens, but evolved robots. HELLOOO?!? Barren wasteland? No humans left? This is obviously the future. HELLOOO?!? The movie was about a new trend in creating intelligent robots. Maybe these robots continued on after the humans died?! Maybe that's slightly more plausible than fucking aliens! Idiots. I never saw it in the theatre, but my mom was completely appalled at how everyone thought they were aliens at the end. We are both extremely unimpressed with the ambient stupidity. But I thought slashdot readers were smarter than that. Finally, A.I. was an excellent fucking movie, and is totally underrated. It was not a sci-fi movie so much as a sci-fi fairy tale. It started out a bit more "normal" but became much more "fairy-tale like" by the end. I think the only mistake was not making it more obvious, sooner and up front, that this was a (almost prototypical) fairy tale and not a hollywood "blockbuster" like Independence Day. The extra ending made the movie much more sad, more poignant (though I can't spell the word), and more rememberable. Sure they could have ended it with him sunk in the ocean. But even sadder than that is to let the viewer know that yes, he sat in the ocean for no less than 1000 yrs. Even sadder than that is the fact that he is discovered and eventually "re-integrated" back into a "society", but that his fellow beings have evolved so much that he doesn't really belong (and never can). Even sadder *than that* is that they can recreate his mother, but only for one day. Even sadder *than that* is knowing that after 1000 years, he finally found his happiness, only to have it taken away within 24 hours. That is fucking tragic, and it appears it was lost on everyone but me. In other more recent news, Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind was a DAMN GOOD movie. Much better than A.I. could ever hope to be. Of course, I like Pink Flamingos. And my favorite movie is Brazil. So take my opinion with a grain of salt.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I must agree with you on A.I, although your post is a little late. : )

I thought the ending was a happy one. The boy robot, knowing that he only has one day with his mother, decides to make that day last forever when he goes to sleep with her that night. It wasn't a conventional happy ending, but for him it was.

I did think the movie was all around pretty awesome.

12/15/2004 06:48:00 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oops... Almost forgot to blogwhore:

The above post was from Ryan Somma.

12/15/2004 06:49:00 PM 
Blogger ClintJCL said...

I stole this from a random posting on the net, explaining why THEY WERE NOT ALIENS AT THE END, just in case anyone needs convincing:

In Literature/movies, you would have foreshadowing of things. The foreshadowing in the entire movie shows a world of Mechas NOT aliens. The first foreshadowing is when David is first introduced to Monica. You see him through the glass---if you look carefully, he looks like the future mechas at the end of the movie.

There is a Mecha-human confrontation alluded to through the movie. For one thing, the humans are quite violent and if we are to believe that mechas are sentient, then they will eventually get sick of being the freak shows at the flesh faire. Also, if you remember, David is programmed to love and to never hate nor hurt, HOWEVER, upon being introduced to his double, he violently kills the mecha-double. The fact that this littel boy can not only "overcome" his programming and destroy another "being" foreshadows that a future conflict between Mechas and Humans is possible. Also, there is the issue of the concept of "I" in that destroying of his "otehr self" but that is another issue altogether :)

It is pretty obvious who is going to win that conflict, but this "War" is a secondary concern as this story IS NOT about a war but abouot a little boy's wish and fairy tale.

Thus the beings (who resemble the david before he met monica on the other side of the glass).

If you study post-modern thought structure, you will also take note of the many illusions of copies. This is VERY important because the future mechas are but copies of the original robots---they even make a statement about the fact they want to see the original "creators" meaning humans. They refer to David as closest to the creators. The creatures at the end WOULD NOT refer to the humans as "creators" unless they were themselves mechas.

A good author to read about this subject of post-modernism is Beaudrillard. Anotehr is Derrida, but he can be hard to understand, because he assumes you know about other author/thikers such as Kant, Foucault, Judith Butler, ect.... All these writers mentioned write about critical thinking (connecting dots to cubjects WITHOUT BULLSHIETTING) which is sorely lacking in today's American society.

I hope this info helps :)

1/04/2005 01:49:00 PM 

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